SSB: Black and Crispy Cedar

Shou-Sugi-Ban is an ancient Japanese finishing technique originally used for house siding because it naturally resists fire, rot and insects.
"Black and Crispy"* is our take on the original Shou-Sugi-Ban finish. The top surface is fully charred, crackled and left as-is, resulting in a dark black beautiful organic veining pattern with an almost black satin to semi-gloss sheen.
As with all of our Shou-Sugi-Ban, there are no dyes, stains or pigments used in the process. All color is derived from the 100% natural process and hand finished.
This surface is finished with a natural sealer in order to mitigate transferring the charred material to other surfaces upon contact. However, this particular finish is fragile, still prone to flaking and dust when handled. We recommend it for surfaces that will have minimal contact such as sidings, ceilings and decorative fascia.
Sold by the foot as 6"x1" dimensional finished wood. (Actual dimensions: 5.5" wide x 0.60” thick at desired length; dimensions of delivered product may vary +/- 1/8”, especially in thickness for this finish.)
For large orders or custom size boards, please contact us.
Please note ordering boards over 3 feet will likely cause your shipping to be oversized. Local Pick-up in San Francisco area is available.
*Black and Crispy and the "Chaos" finish are the same.


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