About Hammer & Brush

Hammer and Brush is a creative studio based in Downtown Los Angeles lead by Adam Dexter and Colt Bowden

Founded from traditional processes and years of experience our mission is to create products that bring warmth, character and authenticity to spaces and evoke conversation and joy.

We've launched with a collection of hand sculpted, artisanally torched and finished planters filled with the finest succulents grown in Southern California. No stains or pigments are used in their creation and all of their character is derived naturally through an ancient Japanese technique called Yakisugi, also know as Shou-Sugi-Ban. We also have procured a number of uniquely finished and reclaimed woods that we have made into a series of hand painted signs which have been carefully lettered with a detailed eye and steady hand, one at a time.

We hope you enjoy our work and we encourage you to adapt the lifestyle of Living with craft ™.